Harry Potter Portacuffie


Can’t stand for twisted headphones? From n3rDit the solution to your problem!
A nerd headphone holder Harry Potter shape!
You will be able to take the little wizard always with you in your bag or schoolbag!
Better than an alohomora or accio spell togheter, for finding your headphones without losing them in the meanders of the bag!

Non sopporti le cuffie attorcigliate? Da n3rDit la soluzione al tuo problema!
Un porfacuffie a forma di Harry Potter! Potrai portare sempre nella tua borsa o nel tuo zaino il simpatico maghetto!
Meglio di un incantesimo alohomora e accio insieme, per trovare le tue cuffie senza perderle nei meandri della borsa!

[Legal Notice]
This is not an original product and it can be considered as fan art.
I do not own this design or trademark, the model is 3d printed post producted by ourself for entertainment purposes.